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Meet The Band

Paul as Gary

A confident and talented performer,  Paul’s rapport with an audience and ability to lead a show as Captain of the ship is second to none. Having toured with various production shows and live bands professionally since the tender age of 16, Paul was an obvious choice to take on the role of Gary Barlow. 

Since the inception of RE-TAKE THAT in 2007 Paul has developed and adapted the role into his own and has received acclaim far and wide as being at the very top of his game. 

Paul has also been asked to judge numerous talent competitions in character as Gary after the success of Mr. Barlow’s run as a judge on ITV’s X Factor.

David as Mark

David started his performing career working for a U.K. based holiday company as a “Coat Style” Entertainer. His vocal talents were immediately recognised and he quickly became the featured male vocalist in many production shows performing to thousands of holidaymakers on a weekly basis. 

A man of many talents, David is just as comfortable cracking jokes and entertaining a crowd in his own right and his friendly demeanour and easy going cheeky and lovable personality made him perfect for the role of Mark Owen.


Originally playing the role from 2013-2015,  David made a huge impact on Take That and RE-TAKE THAT fans alike and after a two year break David is back where he feels most at home as a member of RE-TAKE THAT.

Peter as Howard

Not only does Peter play Howard, but he has also produced every piece of technical work used in a RE-TAKE THAT performance since 2007! From backing music to visuals - he is the man who can!

As a performer, Peter has been both a musician and a vocalist in a number of professional touring bands since an early age. Due to his looks and perfect ear for harmonies, he was the obvious choice to adopt the role of Howard Donald.  

Ross as Robbie

Ross is a natural mimic and man of a thousand voices. He has a huge list of uncanny impersonations in his repertoire which has no doubt helped him as an actor, writer and performer.

In 2007 the opportunity to originate the role of Jason Orange in RE-TAKE THAT came along. With his background in dance and choreography it was an easy choice. (To this day Ross is still responsible for the guys dance routines).


Recently,  after a number of conversations between the guys it was decided that Ross would be the perfect Robbie!. With his unique ability to transform himself in terms of physicality, voice and mannerisms and his reputation for being the “cheeky chappie" all round entertainer, it seemed like the most natural and obvious choice. Ross transformed himself almost overnight and has wowed crowd’s in the last 12 months in his new role as RE-TAKE THAT’s Robbie Williams. 

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